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Who we Are

In a constantly evolving business environment, one must be prepared for change. And change may not always be welcome. In difficult situations, it is important to turn to someone who will provide the right advice. As business grows even more challenging and sophisticated, it is essential for the stakeholders to be able to draw on specialist knowledge and support to be able to realise their full potential. At Brescon, we operate as an independent adviser to companies and businesses devising appropriate end-to-end solutions for each situation to ensure business continuity, long term viability and salvaging or regaining value for all stakeholders. We offer full service Investment Banking Services, with our core areas being Debt Resolution, Recapitalisation, Divestment Advisory, M & A Advisory, Structured Finance and Corporate Restructuring.

What We Do

Debt Resolution

Our resolution services include reorganisation of asset-liability mismatch, realignment of debt servicing obligations with those of operational cash flows.

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Recapitalisation advisory services cater to raising additional funds and at times could be associated with Refinancing on differentiated terms.

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We deliver and execute tailored financial solutions for refinancing after understanding the business – cash flows, working capital, future growth, challenges and opportunities.

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Structured Finance

The Structured Finance team assists companies which are stuck in the classic paradox of highly solvent business in the medium and long run.

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Corporate Restructuring

Special situations need special solutions and an objective analysis of problems at hand vis-à-vis the potential of the underlying business of the company.

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Brescon performs 360° review of a company’s assets to identify all potential cash- and liquidity generating opportunities.

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Mergers & Acquisition

Our M&A team provides insights and value maximising strategies on the sale side advisory to companies in the distressed space.

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Our Approach


Adversity is an opportunity in disguise

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Problems are always complex.Solutions are simple

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Down but never out is the only way of life

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We care to know.  And know to care

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