Long Term Liability Management & Strategic Advisory

Long Term Liability Management & Strategic Advisory is our most coveted service offering.

We assist top Indian conglomerates and business houses that draw support from Brescon’s core expertise. Brescon helps assess the sustainable profitability of the businesses and the levers needed to maintain the growth trajectory for companies that have recently raised capital/ funding from AIFs, Structured Finance Funds, etc. at high cost and regularly require fresh capital to churn sustained revenues.

Our inclusive solution framework may include:

  • New funding in the form of equity raise
  • Revised working capital requirements
  • Refinancing the existing investor at lower costs
  • Devise strategies for liabilities management in general which also may include company’s arrangement with suppliers and customers and monitor progress of the same

At times, we work on all of the above together to bring about a cohesive solution.

Our only objective is to have companies get a long runaway of growth with multiple positive triggers that aid in re-rating of the enterprise in its entirety.