Case Studies


Case Outline

  • 1st player in the country to manufacture engineered stone
  • Company’s project had faced various cost and time over runs in the past due to reasons beyond management control
  • Product was targeted primarily for the export market-global slowdown (Europe / UK / USA) had severely impacted the sales of the company
  • Account had been restructured in the past by few lenders


  • Challenge in convincing the lenders for continued support to a new untested product in the light of past delays and global downturn
  • Threat of the Account becoming sub-standard, hindering the resolution process.
  • Time of 1-1.5 yrs was required to tap the market with a new product.

Normal Solution

  • Repeat Restructuring with downgrading of the Account
  • Being NPV neutral scheme

Brescon Value Add

  • Ensured the Account being sub-standard for the minimum period by structural alignment with repayments over the specified period.
  • Reinstatement of WC limits despite operations at low capacities allowing the company to build core working capital through ramped up revenues.
  • Initial breathing period from servicing the debt with interest and principal holiday for 18 months as well as enhanced repayment tenure of 8-9 years
  • Convinced lenders for a non-NPV neutral package with right of recompense.


  • Impressive improvement in Company’s performance within two years of restructuring.
  • Successful exit from CDR mechanism within three years with payment of recompense amount to the lenders

Successful “turnaround” within 3 years, paving the way for CDR exit with payment of recompense to lenders